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Roleplay is a fun way to spice up your sex life while discovering more about your hidden feelings and capabilities. Pornstars are free to try on different personalities like a bubbly cheerleader, a dark witch, or a commanding officer. If you feel stuck in the same genre of porn, you can try out new roleplay types for new sexy situations, and let loose getting into character yourself. A new character can make a touch time feel fresh and lead to topics never broached. Roleplay offers the opportunity for hot porn babes to dress up in cute outfits. Skirts can be too short, and shirts low for a view of titillating cleavage. Uniforms for soldiers, maids, or police officers are always exciting. Stockings and garters with high heels are hot on anyone. The clothes could even have zippers or velcro to tear off easily. You will have to watch! If the clothes are cheap and for one time only, stars sometimes also cut them off with scissors or tear them to shreds, giving the chance to abandon normal rules of respect and propriety for the sake of roleplay. Props can be fun to watch these gorgeous porn chicks play with too. Cops can use handcuffs to restrain their naughty charges, or pretty French maids might use feather dusters lightly all over the skin. These roleplay porn babes can even get creative and grab anything around them to use, like a pen or a spoon. It's the perfect way to explore the taboo, as between a teacher and a student. With the power dynamic already built in, the teacher can try to leverage sexual favors from a nerdy babe with glasses in exchange for a good grade. This is roleplay. Sometimes porn vixens can do this by using a pre-written script like in a porn parody, and other times they put on the costumes and see what happens. Tube Stroke has the best roleplay porn. Use it.