Bro Uses Spy Cams to Blackmail

Megan had the idea for a long time she was being watched, but she never knew it came from inside the house. A little spy cam remotely watched by phone is only $10 and there are 15 in the house, she never knew and she will never know. On a distance she is observed by her stalking step brother, he is selling the images and streaming to his buddies who pay him to see his STep Sister naked. When she is in the bathroom the lights fall out for a few seconds and she notices a red flash light in the ceiling, 1 and 1 is 2 and she knows exactly how to pay back this little fucked for what he done. She puts her phone on recording and starts seducing her brother, he falls into her trap instantly and now the tables are turned, she threatens to tell their parents, but suddenly her Brother is very generous and makes her feel the brother protection she actually deserves!
  • Length 10:32
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