How to Avoid Eviction: Lesson 27

Zoe B has $800 shortage in her budget, and the landlord is on his way to her door. She knows the date, and she knew he would come today, she however went to bed a little drunk and forgot about fixing this. Her dad and mum are out of town, no one can come to her place right now with cash and her landlord is not a easy person. While she is opening the door to let him in she walks a little more tipsy then normal and moves her hipes. She is signaling him next to her on the sofa and started the conversation with "I have a little problem" and his face changed. He suddenly became aware she did lock the door behind his ass, and she is the kind of women that can scream murder and fire, he does however like the idea she knows he is horny and he is into exchanging a new currency between those 2, the one of seed and squirt. Will zoe manage to have her rent forfeited? Can she pul down her panties and have his cock in her tinny pussy?
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