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She decides to stay for sex


Kate stops by her neighbor’s house while looking for her lost dog and she thinks it is bes she stays over to sleep there in case she can hear the dog come back. In the same time her neighbor is in a stressing time, his wife left with another guy and her dog is not on his mind, she however thinks he is a little stressed and should ease up and she wonders where his wife is, they get to talk a little more intimate and find out both they could help each other and maybe then it is a win win for both, so she proposes he gets his dick hard and fuck her nicely and then she will help him feel much better and then they can talk about the series on Netflix she wants to see. This young little teen slut gets also in this sexy episode a full blown sperm somewhere on or inside of her body mwe forgot where cause the phone was ringing my mum called and then my dad drank all my beer and my wife just shot herself cause she seen this movie. Positive side note, Kate did loved her fuck buddy!

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